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At Hospice Georgian Triangle, we invite you to make a difference in the journey for a patient and their family.

Hospice is trusted to help those who would benefit from a palliative approach to care. Our team is trained to the highest standards and we provide the best standards of care. We work hard to celebrate every moment of every day. We help our patients and families live their best life possible. 

A contribution towards providing these services will make a difference  - YOU can do that through your gift. Every dollar raised with our annual Wish List stays in our community to serve our community.

Thank you for your generous support.

General donations welcome, or, donate to an item listed below:
(please make note of the item name and amount before proceeding to donation form)

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  • Provide care for one patient for one day at Campbell House.  $270
  • Fill the bird feeders outside each patient room window at Campbell House. $50
  • Fill the bathtub in the Spa Room at Campbell House with bubbles. $20
  • Provide cable television to a patient for one week. $25
  • Soup making supplies $20
  • Provide patient comfort supplies $100
  • Materials for handmade patient gowns $30
  • Cleaning supplies for Campbell House $150
  • Provide support materials for community clients in their own homes $30
  • Provide a day for a community client at our Day Away program including transportation $75
  • Baking supplies $25
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Caregiver Care.jpg
  • Provide tea and cookies for our weekly Cup of Comfort program for caregivers $25
  • Compassion fatigue and self-care training for caregivers $100
  • Provide one-on-one counselling for a complicated grief, sudden death, or vicarious trauma client $200
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Fam Care.jpg
  • iPods for use in Campbell House $250
  • Wireless speakers for use with iPods in Campbell House $100
  • Art supplies for one family member to attend our weekly Art Therapy program $30
  • Provide printed material for our Grief and Bereavement programs $30
  • DVD player for Quiet Room at Campbell House $150
  • BBQ for patio at Campbell House $500
Vol Supp.jpg
  • Sponsor one volunteer for 30 hour training program $150
  • Sponsor volunteer recognition $50
  • Education seminar for volunteer $50
Volunteer Support.jpg
Ed Supp.jpg
  • Sponsor a one-day seminar for our Care Team on Compassion Fatigue and self-care $500
  • Send a staff member to Palliative Care course $200
  • Provide professional development materials to clinical staff $100
Gift Celebr.jpg
  • Seasonal décor Campbell House $40
  • Seasonal holiday celebratory meal for patient and their families $50
  • Keep our gardens blooming at Campbell House $30
  • Patient birthday party supplies $50

Please consider a donation to help provide the front-line care for our friends and neighbours. This list is a snap shot of the needs for support at Hospice Georgian Triangle and Campbell House. If there is an area of care that you would like to assist with that is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact our office. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations over $20.