Volunteer Opportunities

Hospice Georgian Triangle recruits and trains volunteers to provide two main services – Volunteer Visiting and Bereavement Support.

Program Activities

The Visiting Volunteer Program

Men and women receive 30 hours of training in palliative care, providing them with the non-medical skills needed to assist clients and their families. Training sessions are conducted twice annually – once in the spring and again in the fall. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization and they share a common belief that quality end of life care should continue until death and that no one should have to make this journey alone. Volunteers provide non-medical support such as companionship, reading, gentle comfort measures, transportation when necessary and respite for family members or principal caregivers.

Clients are assessed from referrals received from medical or community sources and volunteers are matched according to needs. Education programs are ongoing, ranging from formal training sessions to seminars and conferences to maintain volunteer interest and commitment.

Bereavement Support

A grief and loss support service is extended to families of clients who have been in our care and referrals from the community or other health care agencies. Twice annually, Hospice Georgian Triangle conducts a bereavement support group lasting for 10 weeks per session. The group assists participants to learn coping skills for thier grief, as they have an opportunity to share and find support and understanding among people who have faced similar experiences.

Trained professionals volunteer their time to facilitate the bereavement support groups. Opportunities exist for additional volunteer facilitators.

Educational Activities

Workshops and seminars for volunteers are held several times a year. These focus on topics that are relevant to and often suggested by our volunteers.


Twice annually, in the spring and fall, Hospice Georgian Triangle sponsors a 30 hour training course for men and women interested in becoming a visiting volunteer. Through our volunteers, Hospice Georgian Triangle provides help and support to families according to specific assessed needs. The support may be physical, spiritual or emotional. It may be in the form of respite for a caregiver, companionship, reading, writing letters, walking the dog, listening or any number of different activities.

The 30 hour training curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Hospice Care
  • Communication Skills
  • Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Issues of Death and Dying
  • The Family
  • Illness specific information and Infection Control
  • Pain and Sympton Management, Practical Comfort Measures, The Challenges of Eating, Body Mechanics, Assists and other Skills
  • Recognizing the Signs of Death
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Ethical Issues in Hospice Care
  • Responsibilities of the Volunteer
  • Care for the Volunteer Caregiver

All visiting volunteers are expected to complete the training course, but volunteers helping Hospice Georgian Triangle with administration and fundraising do not need to do the training course.

An application form is available from our office, by mail or online. Call 705-444-2555 for a complete volunteer training package. An appointment will be arranged to discuss in more detail being a volunteer.

A police check will be required. Full attendance is required in order to graduate.

Administrative Activities

Volunteers may become involved in the administrative activities of Hospice Georgian Triangle.

Fund Raising Activities

Volunteers are welcome to become involved in any of our yearly Fund Raising Activities.

Upcoming Events
  1. 2017 Gala Dinner

    September 29 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm