Spring 2013

Nevermore Nevermore

While I was traveling up a chairlift the other day I heard a deep distinctive raucous croaking. It was coming from a large bird adorned with highly glossed plum-age in iridescent shades of greens, blues and purples. For the past thirty years or so this raven, this paragon of the air, has heralded the arrival of spring for me. Another winter of skiing is slowly coming to an end. Winter is fading away with a few intermittent snow squalls, and freezing rain. The feeling of spring is surely skirting about. New life is stirring in the ground. But maybe this is not the case for you?  To read more, please click BereavementNewsletter-Spring

Fall 2013

There is an old saying ‘grief will wait’ which means that mourning is a necessary process or the grief can stay locked up inside.  It is necessary to feel the loss move through us.  To read more, please click Hospice_beareavementnewsletter_fall2-13.

Upcoming Events
  1. 2017 Gala Dinner

    September 29 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm